REEDS Radiant Three-Stone Diamond Ring 1ctw

posted Aug 10, 2011, 12:19 PM by Wolfred Wanch
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Product Description
REEDS Radiant Three-Stone Diamond Ring 1ctw Radiance so brilliant that it could not be kept buried beneath the frozen tundra's of Russia. A flame of light from a dark, mysterious country filled with romance and intrigue. A diamond perfected in its cut and polish by Russian master craftsmen of Kristall. The REEDS Exclusive Radiant Diamond bears witness to the fire and passion of your love. This stunning high-polish platinum ring features three REEDS Radiant Diamonds. Diamonds are 1ctw and are graded to meet or exceed our exacting standards of SI2 clarity and I color. To protect against loss, each REEDS Radiant Diamond is laser-inscribed with a unique identification number and comes with a Diamond Grading and Light Analysis Report.