REEDS Ideal Diamond Three Stone Ring 3/4ctw

posted Aug 10, 2011, 12:22 PM by Wolfred Wanch
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Product Description
REEDS Ideal Diamond Three Stone Ring 3/4ctw Proportion, polish and symmetry are all critical to a diamond's beauty and value. When the cut is ideal, the diamond does what it was born to do - create a display of light. Cut is the only diamond feature that can be controlled by man. A true Ideal diamond takes twice as long to cut and polish. All diamonds are beautiful but only an Ideal diamond from the REEDS Ideal Collection can express the true beauty of a diamond. From the REEDS Ideal Diamond Collection, this stunning three stone diamond ring features three round brilliant cut diamonds set in 14k white gold. Diamonds are 3/4ctw, J or better in color and SI2 or better in clarity.