REEDS Diamond Three-Stone Ring 1ctw

posted Aug 10, 2011, 12:27 PM by Wolfred Wanch
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Product Description
REEDS Diamond Three-Stone Ring 1ctw This high polish 14k white gold ring features three REEDS Diamonds. Diamonds are 1ctw and are graded to meet or exceed our exacting standards of SI2 clarity and I color. To protect against loss, each REEDS Diamond is laser-inscribed with a unique identification number and comes with a Diamond Grading and Light Analysis Report. The REEDS Diamond is truly unique. All diamonds are rare, but only a select few meet the standard to become a REEDS Diamond. Placed in the hands of a REEDS Master Diamond Cutter, a diamond of this calibre can be transformed into a blazing work of art: nothing less than perfection. A better cut allows the REEDS Diamond to capture more light. When it comes to refracting light, a diamond is like a house of mirrors. The more precisely positioned the facets are, the more light, fire, and scintillation reach your eye. Only a diamond cut to REEDS standards will release an intense fire, scintillation and play of light that can be seen from across a darkened room.