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We are Jewelry Sensation a division of Osfas.com and we started with MIND AND ADVENTURE which we still us as the base of our network. To make it easier for our customers to find us we added www.jewelrysensation.com to our network.

This site is a diamond with multiple facets that reflect every shine you can imagine when you think of jewelry. We bring to you all the best online jewelry store at one place to help you when you are deciding to propose, surprise with a gift that will always bring a smile. Now take the time to find the gold, dig the diamond without living your room and add the last touch that only a piece of jewelry can give you.
For our customers
We are dedicated to help you find most of product your are looking for. We are part of large network and we have been granted access to many large database, with that we have the capacity to search for you.
If you have difficulties to find a piece of  jewelry please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to help you until you reach the point of satisfaction. Contact US
Important Note:  
This site is design mainly to promote affiliate marking products. All the links, all the banners, and all the individual product on this site will connect directly to the vendors as advertise.

They will taking care of the prices and the shipping and all the customer support will be handle by the advertisers.
Thanks to all our customers
You make the impossible possible for every time you visit our site, and for every time you buy something that helps us and inspire us to do better so next time you comeback you find more than what you have left.
Special thanks to all of you who contact us, please keep the communication flowing.
Thanks to ours affiliates who give us the tools and all our advertiser who trust us and let us display your product on our site.